October 14, 2021

Is it worth paying a wealth manager?

I saw a tweet the other day about Warren Buffett calling his stockbroker in the 1970s. The story went something like he told the broker to bid at a price which the seller refused, saying the price was too low, and then […]
September 15, 2021

How much money do I need to hire a wealth manager?

IKEA is known for not putting text in its instructions. During my divorce I was assembling a heavy kitchen cabinet to get our house ready for sale. I opened the instruction booklet to a drawing much like this one and the words: […]
August 13, 2021

How to read more

I’m occasionally asked for reading tips. Here is what worked for me to increase the number of books I buy that I then read. While I notice that I spend less time reading articles when I read more books, there are some […]
July 15, 2021

What is a reasonable percentage to pay a financial advisor?

Not all financial advisors are paid based on a percentage and this makes comparisons among advisors challenging for the consumer. And underneath the “reasonable” part of the question is this: how do I know if what I am paying is worth it? […]
June 10, 2021

News release: LifeCraft Financial Planning Official Launch

LifeCraft Financial Planning, an independently-owned and operated financial planning firm, which is registered with the Division of Financial Regulation – State of Oregon, today announced they have opened a virtual office. Founded by Miriam Whiteley, CFP®, CeFT®, RLP®, LifeCraft Financial Planning offers […]
April 28, 2021

Shift perspective when facing a limit

BLUECHIP: Fiscally Fit by Miriam Whiteley and Janet Hollander, Columnists Originally published in The Register-Guard: Jun. 2, 2020 at 10:05 AM One thing we notice: people are getting depleted. We’re tired of managing uncertainty. We’ve been kept from ordinary ways of coping […]
April 28, 2021

Choose your habits

BLUECHIP: Fiscally Fit by Miriam Whiteley, Janet Hollander, Columnists Originally published in The Register-Guard: May 6, 2020 at 11:36 AM When people worry about aging, thoughts often turn to two areas of concern: health and money. Will I be able to keep […]
April 27, 2021

Steady Gets the Rebound

BLUECHIP: FISCALLY FIT by Miriam Whiteley & Janet Hollander Originally published in The Register-Guard: Apr 7, 2020 at 12:01 AM Miriam’s dad had an apt saying for almost any moment, especially the difficult ones. And as we reel from the abrupt changes […]