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About Me

Miriam Whiteley, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®
Miriam Whiteley, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®
Owner of LifeCraft Financial Planning

I established LifeCraft Financial Planning to help people nearing or in retirement create and sustain financial autonomy and security as they age. When my clients work with me, they know I’m their partner and advocate for financial well-being. This is the part of their lives they’ve worked so hard for and I’m here to listen to them and work with them to navigate long life with confidence and clarity.

My inspiration came from life experience as the caretaker of older parents, and earlier as a teacher. In both cases, I observed how much better life is when you prepare for inevitable changes that come with growth and aging. That’s why I help my clients make clear decisions now so they can experience ideal aging instead of being burdened by the long-term costs of bad decisions and missed opportunities.

In college, I earned my degree in Business/Finance because I noticed the power money had in people’s lives. Money could be an instrument for good to have the life you really want without financial worry. Or, when ignored, it can be a source of stress and deep regrets. I felt called to play a role in empowering people by being a source of practical financial knowledge and great financial outcomes.